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Virtual Car is available as an uncompressed EXE of 1150K or a zipped file of 450K. Additional instructional materials are accessed from within Virtual Car via the "Help" menu, which links to many help documents contained on this web site.

System Requirements

Optional items

In addition, you may wish to have:

One-step Installation

Virtual Car is a single executable (.EXE) file. There is no need to run an installer or uninstaller, nor should you need administrator privileges or anything like that. Once the zip file is unzipped, simply copy it to wherever you wish it to reside, and double-click the icon to launch the program. Drag it to the Recycle Bin if you do not want to keep it.

Download here

Virtual Car 4.1 (1150K, not zipped)


Virtual Car 4.1 (450K zip)

Previous version (obsolete):
Virtual Car 4.0.3a (450K zip)

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