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» Fix for startup error (i.e. '4.0 is not a floating point number') «

In order to operate properly, Virtual Car requires that your operating system be localized to the USA or another country that specifies the period (.) as the decimal point marker.  Non-USA installations often specify a comma or other character as the decimal marker, which prevents Virtual Car from operating.  Until this issue is resolved, Virtual Car 4.1 cannot be used on non-US installations, unless the setting is changed in your Windows Control Panel (usually known as the "Regional" settings).

Posted on:5:22 pm on June 22, 2004
» New file format for Version 4.1 «

Version 4.1 was released October 20, 2003.  It uses a different file format from the previous version.  If you wish to use .vcar files that were created in earlier versions of Virtual Car, you must choose the "Convert File" option from the menu in 4.1.

Posted on:10:43 pm on Oct. 21, 2003

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